WINTER 2014 – 2015 REPORT

Ministry Summary

Sunday morning devotional greetings
12 Sundays of greeting all employees beginning at 7:00 a.m. with donuts from the Donut Friar, fruit, and breakfast cereal bars and a printed devotional they can take to read later. One employee said “this is the highlight of my weekend …knowing someone will bring me a donut and love.”   Another employee takes the devotional home to share with her family.   Still another keeps all of them and reads them periodically.   This season’s donut devotionals was among the best ever.

Sunday worship services (12:30 at the top of Castle Run)
11 services with 122 in attendance   (Average attendance 11 per Sunday).
The lower total number of services was caused by December limitations, heavy rain on some Sundays, and one missed Sunday as Jessie Perry tore her ACL just before the worship service. The quality of the services were high and well received. Season pass holder families became a special group in worship this year.

The model of our worship service is being used (with written worship resource materials done by Bill) at Tahoe Resort Ministries for training their ski chaplains.   Scott Capshaw, formerly of SMRM, is pastor of Tahoe City First Baptist Church and requested this material. This material will be used at Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows, Northstar, Heavenly, and several other smaller resorts.

Baptism Worship Service on March 8
The baptism worship service held in the pond skimming pool continues to be a meaningful event.   Last year’s worship led to Bill baptizing 2 other employees later in the year. This year’s event continued to move God’s action in a snow sports school family with a third family member being baptized. This year’s event has also led to the request by 2 more employees to be baptized and for a wedding for an employee. No other ski ministry does this, although Bill has challenged all his peers.

Host Program
This was our weakest expression for this aspect of our ministry.   We will be ready for a stronger presence next year. We did 5 days with approximately 50 volunteer hours provided

Host Presence

  • On slope uniformed Hosts giving information and general assistance
  • Guests morning welcome and guidance with Hosts at entrance and hallways
  • Guest assistance from rental room to locker room
  • Guest afternoon guidance into rental room returns and from rental room to locker room
  • Assistance with pole bin area
  • Guest assistance with tubing line directions (early morning & as needed)
  • Guest assistance with tram line directions

Gifted employees working on Dec. 25 with 200 Christmas gift bags with candy, small items, and Christmas devotional.   Bags prepared by Bill, Jessie Perry, Veronica Bolocan, and Anton Siroteev.

Goodbye Dinner attended by 75 international employees held at Loco Burro– Fresh Mex Cantina on February 23, 2015. Hosted in partnership with Orange Hospitality. Veronica Bolocan did all the management work for this dinner this year. a

14 small group dinners (attended by 4-7 international employees each time) held in Jessie Perry’s home or in area restaurants.

52 van trips for international employees to Knoxville or Wal-Mart for Social Security; shopping, or airport / bus connections; doctor’s appointments.

Chaplain work
Bill Black and Jessie Perry functioned as chaplains on the mountain throughout the season with the help of Veronica Bolocan, Anton Siroteev, Anna Craddock, and Patti Hall. Jessie’s work with the international employees was outstanding with time spent and relationships built. Bill’s work with intentional conversations and ministry presence was well received with constant response by all levels of employees and management.

Prepared by Bill Black and Jessie Perry

Spring Note:   Bill has been working with Kate Barido in preparing for the Easter Sunrise Service on April 5.

The program is in place with 4 ministers participating and music being shared by Nashville singer/song writer Mary Bragg.   Logistics seem to be in place.   Bill did a two minute video promoting Ober and the event for Kevin Tierney that is airing currently on Gatlinburg TV. Kate is also doing a promotion on WATE next week.