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Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries is a community of missional people. We use local volunteers and local church groups. We bring in short term and long term volunteers throughout the year. (For example, consider joining our Ski Ministry Team during Christmas break or a January term break from college!) We need summer student volunteer missionaries.   We also utilize mission teams for weekend experiences or week long summer assignments.   Explore the material below and call us at 865-333-9904 with your specific questions and hopes!

To Join Us As An Individual

If God is leading you into a life or season of mission awareness and response, we would invite you to consider working with us. We have a deep appreciation for missional people –people who are seeking to live out their Christian faith intentionally present with others.   We are in need for such volunteers to work with Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries.

The ministry assignments are in campgrounds, international employees, the Parkway, special events, and theme parks. The work includes worship leadership, day camps, hosting meals, creative arts and music performance, and lots of personal ministry time. There is great emphasis on personal Christian growth and an understanding of the work of the Church as experienced in an intentional community.

We specifically need college or late high school students to join us in a 10 week summer program of intentional guided missions.   This assignment moves from late May into early August. We have different and creative roles for such volunteers that include you raising your own support, you receiving a missions scholarship through our Art Holloway Missions Scholarship fund, you working a summer job in an area attraction that is also one of our ministry sites. These roles are determined in our interview process.   We have housing in a large dormitory with house parents that provide wonderful meals and who promote a healthy Christian family setting.   Adults, ask us about being house parents!

Fill out and submit the staff application, you need to also print out four (4) copies of the printer-friendly reference form and distribute it to the appropriate people.
You may Click Here for a PDF file to print out your application, complete & mail in.

To Join Us As A Mission Team

Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries uses many different mission teams throughout the year.   A major need is for Campground Ministry teams that come for a week at a time throughout the summer.   We also use weekend teams for specific project needs. Another of our programs is a missional training experience for your group. Contact us about your group and its hopes for mission. We can be reached at 865-333-9904 or

To Join Us Through Giving

We recognize and celebrate those whose spiritual gifts include that of generous giving.   We are grateful that you would join us in financial support.   You can give to Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries by donating through Paypal or sending a check. Click here for detials.

Thank you for your generosity in supporting Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries. Thanks be to God for blessing this ministry and enabling us to be a blessing to others.

To Join Us In Prayer

The seasons of the year guide many of our seasons of ministry. You can pray for Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries through these seasons.

Winter provides for us the exciting opportunity of Ski Ministry at Ober Gatlinburg Ski Resort. Pray for cold weather and snow! (Yes, Please!). Pray also for our relationships with employees through our Donut Devotionals at 7:00 a.m. on Sundays. Pray for the gathering of Church in worship on Sundays at 12:30 on the slopes.

Spring begins our Campground Ministry with worship leadership for guests.   Pray for those who are camping in the Smokies that they might encounter God’s love through us.   Spring is also a season of preparation. Pray for summer ministry volunteer recruitment and for fresh relationships with ministry sites and their employees.

Summer is the time of multiple programs and the season of constant encounters. Pray for Campground Ministry, Special Events Ministry, International Employee Ministry, Theme Park / Attractions Ministry, and personal ministries.   Pray for intentional God-guided appointments between our staff and volunteers and our resort visitors and employees.

Autumn provides much beauty in these mountains. Pray for the beautiful ministry relationship between Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries and the Gatlinburg Craftsmen’s Fair.   Pray for our continued Campground Ministry.   Pray for the beauty of God’s blessings on Smoky Mountain Resort Ministry.

You can also follow our specific moments of prayer needs and hope and join with us in these prayers by exploring our blog, following us on our Facebook page or signing up for our e-newsletter.

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