Much of my (Bill) personal life is centered around recognizing, entering into, and experiencing God moments.   My response is an open “thanks be to God.”   I do live and love that expression:   “thanks be to God.”

In resort ministry we are granted holy moments where we receive someone else and they receive the presence of God through Jesus Christ.   These may be obvious and instant, as a friend becomes a new Christian through a counseling moment over food.  They may be surprising moments as an international student exclaims over the color of the paper that a Donut Devotional is printed on with “Oh good, it is blue.  We put these on our wall in our room for color….and to read through the week!” Yet again, they may come in the affirmation of a man who says that Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries loved into his life when he was young and guided him into being the father and husband he is today.   Still another moment arrives from watching our Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries’ family as it lives out being a missional expression of the Kingdom of God into the world. (All four of the above holy moments took place in one recent week through our Ski Ministry at Ober Gatlinburg.)

Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries works to reveal the presence of God in these mountains and resort areas.   The holy moments often move us to tears and always inspire us to continue the ministry before us.   And to announce: Thanks be to God!