Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries

Mission Statement

The mission of SMRM is revealing the presence of God to those who live, work, and play in the resort settings of Sevier County and the Smoky Mountains.

Our Purpose

Our Vision

Transition in Leadership

Volunteers Trained Annually

Annual Visitors to Smokies

Our Goals


Our evangelism must be personal and intentional. We are to tell the Good News with urgency and sensitivity.


Ministry is helping people meet their needs and hopes in Christ name.


Our task is to grow the Church through new Christians and through mission involvement.


Training and Eduction to @400 volunteers including summer missionaries and groups.

We have Good News to share

Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries is a Christian ministry that functions as an independent non-profit ministry.   Its purpose is to reveal the presence of God to those who live, work, and play in the resort settings of Sevier County. Its roots are in the Sevier County Association of Baptists.

Resort ministry is communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people caught up in a leisure lifestyle. Our purpose is to express the love of God and the care of the churches to those people who visit in the resort settings and to those people, both seasonal and permanent, who work in the resort industries of Sevier County.

Recent News

Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries
Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries2 weeks ago
Congratulations to Greenbrier Campground for winning 3 prestigious awards! We are so blessed to be invited in and have Sunday morning church services year-around here. Please join us when you are in Gatlinburg!

Our Team



Finding Center

Finding Center

July, 2020: Our world is out of Center. Our hearts are pushed sideways. Our minds are too filled with unknown. Our actions betray our confusion. There is so much unknown. We are out of balance.

Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries and I (Bill Black) would offer for us centering thoughts. We would invite all to settle into the Center that is God; to enter into the Holy. To be restored in our hope. To live in such prayers

Thanks be to God

Thanks be to God

Much of my (Bill) personal life is centered around recognizing, entering into, and experiencing God moments. My response is an open “thanks be to God.” I do live and love that expression: “thanks be to God.”
In resort ministry we are granted holy moments

Resort Ministries

Listed below are different ministry programs in which SMRM works to share the Gospel with the leisure lifestyle people who live, work, and play in these resort areas.

Campground Ministry

Sunday worship services, day camps, family programs and chaplain relations

Ski Ministry

Employee Devotionals and bible studies, Skier Sunday worship services, Host program, Chaplain relationship

International Student Workers

Outreach to students working in the area including transportation, hospitality and relationship

Theme Parks/Special Attractions

Chaplain relationships with employees and guests

Special Events

Fourth of July Parade and the Gatlinburg Craftsmen’s Fair to name a couple


Core Value

The call to salvation is at one and the same time a call to mission.

Our Vision is Creatively sharing Christ with others, ministering to their needs and hopes, and growing the Church through mission involvement.

Get Involved

Thanks be to God

- Bill Black