Opening Worship at Ober

Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries celebrated a worship service at Ober Gatlinburg Ski Resort for the blessing of our equipment for the Snow Sports Center and Ski Patrol. It was a

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2017 Annual Report

We in the South are known to sometimes use Southern superlatives to overstate our case.   We recognize them for what they are and accept them as statements of affirmation and love.  We know they hold a kernel of truth within that is to be received as blessing.  They may be overblown, but we understand the heart within them.  Hear, then, these superlatives about our God; Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries, and our ministries in 2017.

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Summer update

It’s summer time in our mountains.

Tourists have returned to our Great Smoky Mountains from all over the world to enjoy the beautiful setting that Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge provide. Folks flock to campgrounds, wanting to find peace, relaxation and to be rejouvinated.

Most never expect to encounter their Creator. Yet because of a day camp, a worship service, or even a sand art cross, those who come to find themselves, end up finding the one died for them.

Moments like these are happening every day.

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Thanks Be to God! x4

Four God-guided possibilities! Four Ministry Actions! Four to keep us busy!

First, Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries has a 25 year relationship with South Korean Baptists. Now we are celebrating our strong relationship with Myoungsu No, Baptist Campus Minister at the University of Seoul and SMRM alum, in a mission project for the 2018 Winter Olympics. Bill went in March to South Korea to work on

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Living Outside The Camp

Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries is a part of a movement in the area to recover life and to love one another and to share God’ love. It is an honor to be in this team with so many others of all different styles and expressions. There are organizations and teams and local action groups and individuals. My affirmation is that it is an honor to be part of it all. We are working accurately as God is leading us.

We need you to stay involved…

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SMRM Fire Response

SMRM has actively been working with and ministering to workers, employers, community leaders, guests, residents of Gatlinburg and national disaster relief agencies over these days.
We are now positioned to start planning our ministries for the next phases of help and recovery for our beautiful community.

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Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries is a Christian ministry that functions as an independent non-profit ministry. Its purpose is to reveal the presence of God to those who live, work, and play in the resort settings of Sevier County, Tennessee.

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Our Ministries

Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries is responsible for resort ministry work in Sevier County with the four main areas of attractions being the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Sevierville.

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Join Us

Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries is a community of missional people. We use local volunteers and local church groups. We bring in short term and long term volunteers throughout the year.

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Only in America can I get a Bible in my language

One of our first connections with the international employees as we meet them is to provide them with a Bible in their language and, usually, one in English. As Bill Black gave one to Jeremy, a friend from the Czech Republic, he responded with tears in his eyes and said, “Only in America can I… more

Three Lives

On a winter weekend, Sean skied up to me and re-introduced himself. I (Bill) had not seen him in twenty years when he and his family used to ski in Gatlinburg and attend our ski services. He told me of the impact those services and my witness had on his life as a 13 year old boy and how he became a Christian. He also told me he was able to lead his father… more

The Pick Pocket

The crowd was about 200 people and he saw it as an opportunity to ply his trade –that of a pickpocket. He tried twice to steal the wallet of one of the adults from the mission group but was unsuccessful. He stayed to look for more opportunities and began to listen to the message and the energy of the group as they sang. Their final song was entitled “The Plan” and made a more

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