The wilderness will rejoice and blossom!  Isaiah 35: 1

The mountains are blooming with the beauty of rhododendron!

The hills are alive with the sound of music!

The Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries staff dorm is full of energy and excitement and holy meals.

The summer season of mission and ministry has begun.

On a recent Sunday, Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries and our sister movement, A Christian Ministry In The National Parks, led worship from on top of Mt. LeConte to NASCAR Speedpark; from Cades Cove Campground to Imagination Mountain RV Park in Cosby! When Bill asked “how did you minister the grace?” the answers came back: “we sat and talked with a couple after the service”, “a single mother shared her story”, “we made it possible for others to find a place”, “I learned of their culture”, “I got to lead my family in worship”.   When we gathered for our late Sunday meal, we sang the Doxology in praise and thanksgiving for a full day of ministry. Then we had staff meeting, then we prepared for day camps, then we got ready for the Monday Internationals Dinner, then we made a pastoral visit, and at midnight we slept. Thanks be to God!

Join us in prayer and support!   Join us in giving —this is our moment of greatest need financially and we need you to be part of Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries!