Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries, Inc. is now a legal entity with a Board of Directors, a new Director (Bill Black), a promising future, and a God-guided hope. The Board of Directors met for the first time on the evening of September 18th and voted SMRM, Inc. into existence! The Board is currently comprised of four individuals: Eric Spivey, Charlie Shields, David Lambert, and George Carriker. Each of these members offer unique perspectives in business and ministry that will help advance SMRM, Inc. into the future. Their support is highly valued, as well as their commitment to SMRM, Inc. 

While this is a huge step forward in being able to continue our work in Sevier County, there is still much work to be done in advancing this ministry with funding. Our goal is still to reach $14,000 a month in order to continue the regular operations of the ministry that is known and loved within this community. Now is the time for you to help generate future funding and to give personally. We need the support of individuals, churches, and communities in order to advance into the future. Our first Board meeting was a joy with taking the legal steps needed. Thanks be to God.