SMRM and Gatlinburg First Baptist Church hosted 70 students from 8 countries on January 3 for a dinner. Soups, chili, and rice and beans made up the heart of the menu. The heart of the dinner, however, was in the fellowship created with the students and in the love of Jesus Christ that was shared with them.

These students have come to work at Ober Gatlinburg for the winter season. Many are active Christians. Noel, from the Philippines, is a pastor and in theology school there. When Bill Black called on him to lead in prayer and in thanking God for our night, he prayed with a passionate heart and with tears of joy in his eyes. Many of the students, however, are not Christians. Jacob Baccus shared the wisdom of seeking Jesus in their travels while Bill gave out Bibles in their languages and in English.

Pray with us as we continue in relationship and friendship with these students.