May is “Get Ready” Month!  Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries is actively preparing for the summer ministries.  Memorial Day weekend will expand our campground ministries with worship in nine locations led by a team from First Baptist Church of Lebanon, TN.   This team has come for over 20 years on that weekend!   Our summer staff also arrives on Memorial Day weekend and we are preparing the dorm for their arrival now with teams who come to clean and repair for us.    Veronica Bolocan is booking churches to host the Monday night “International Dinners” at Mill Creek —where we serve approximately 100 students each Monday throughout the summer.  Jessie Perry is finalizing plans with our mission groups who lead campground ministries for a week at a time.   Bill Black is visiting ministry sites and working towards SMRM’s future.All of us are continuing our regular ministries –Veronica and Anton reaching out to a theater performing group in Pigeon Forge; Jessie working with internationals; Bill leading worship in three campgrounds.    May is “Get Ready” and “GO!”  Thanks be to God!