Eloise Ogburn’s Prayer Journal Notes

As She Prepared To Serve As A

Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries Houseparent

“When we go on the mission fields by prayer or as missionaries, as we go, God will meet us there.   And when we hold the Bible and realize that it is more than just a collection of stories, we will be committed to share with a lost world.”

Ms. Eloise was a 20 year houseparent in Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries.   Her week was marked with great food, good behavior (“sit up at the table”), and a focus on doing good work.   Her husband, Mr. Bonnie Ogburn, funded and prayed her trips. Her daughter, Patti Hall, often served with her and has continued the family tradition of houseparenting –with her own flair. Her grandchildren, Patrick and Bonnie, have served in Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries.   This is one of our great families! Patti was going through some of Ms. Eloise’s things recently and found one of her prayer journals.

Ms. Eloise’s writings are set just before coming for her week at SMRM and reveal her intentional approach to her week. As her statement above shows, the good ministry of prayer or of action involves meeting God.   We prepare to meet God in taking seriously God’s Word.   We act responsively and responsibly because we “hold the Bible” —look closely at her written notes and you see that she marked out the phrase “hold and read”. For her, to “hold the Bible” meant to take it into our life, to absorb it into our reality, and then to act on and in its power.

Her next page of writing revealed her heart prayers as she prayed for SMRM:


Sunday lunch (36)

Eric Spivia and Marcia and 2 kids

Park people

Gatlinburg Craftsmen’s Fair

Korean meal

Scott and Jennifer (Jennifer job)

Transportation to and from

Closing ceremony

Our Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries family is a wonderful expression of Church and mission.   It is a joy to have been taught by servants such as Ms. Eloise. It is now a joy serve with you who continue that intentional approach.   Thanks be to God!