“So many missionaries, intent on doing something, forget that His main work is to make something of them…” -Jim Elliot

Six years ago I was fresh out of college and eager to embrace the challenge of missionary work. Two of these years I was serving with the North American Mission Board as a US/C-2 Missionary in the Rocky Mountains; the remaining four years were invested in Seminary. Being convinced of God’s calling in my life to live a life-style of evangelism and having gained fantastic experiences from the mission field and a seminary education one might reason that I would have learned fundamental basics of the Christian life.

Caught in the excitement of returning the mission field, rejoining the ranks of those in resort & leisure missions, and realizing the fruition of a dream, I was determined to do something great… and do it for the Lord! But just days after arriving in Gatlinburg, even before the moving truck arrived with our household goods, God began to [not so] gently remind me of his purposes. He does not need me to do something great for Him. He is the great I AM.

‘…it was not burnt offerings and sacrifices I wanted from them… Obey me, and I will be your God, and you will be my people. Do everything as I say, and all will be well!’[1] He requires my obedience. God has opened the door for me and my family to join with Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries and I know incredible experiences are awaiting us in this venture. His main reason for us being here, however, is not for the task at hand. More importantly I am here so that He might make something of me. I am each day to endeavor in every task, in every thought to be conformed into the likeness of Christ so that the Glory of God may be reflected. Service driven, people centered. Jim Elliot understood this principle and it cost him his life.
[1] Jeremiah 7:22-23