What a great way to start your day with a series of emails:

Hello, Bill
I’m C____, from China, working for Kodak. I helped you present your gifts at the hall in Millcreek. I was so lucky to get one. Thank God that eight of our Chinese live in Millcreek now. By the way, could you give me a Bible? Because I have been taking part in the church activities you told us about in Millcreek and I’m going to study Bible.

Bill’s response:

Of course we can bring you a Bible! Where in Millcreek are you? And I am honored to hear from you! I can bring it to your house today.

Cherry’s answer:

I got the Bibles now. Thank you so much for them. We share them. I’m going to study Bible seriously and eagerly. Thanks again. You are welcomed to visit our home.

God’s Word is powerful in its ability to love, to convict, to guide, and to bring hope. Cherry is part of a Chinese group living in Pigeon Forge for the summer with whom we are privileged to share Christ. Her desire for God’s word is strong and we are hope-filled for her and her friends.

Our other Bible study group in Millcreek consists of Mongolians and French students! God has brought the world to us. We are honored to share his Word!