As we delivered the cookies on Oct 7, one crafter pointed out that he had worked the show for 23 years. He estimated that he had enjoyed about 200 cookies himself! Other crafters were trading with each other for their favorite cookies. Others asked for cookies prepared by specific ladies. One crafter declared with mischievious eyes that she had not received a bag —as she wiped cookie crumbs from her face! And one couple said that they moved to Gatlinburg last year and opened a shop —and are attending Gatlinburg First Baptist because of its strong youth program (for their daughters) and because they knew the church through its cookies.
Our outreach at the crafts fair offers:
We affirm the crafters as people made in the image of God, the Creator. In the image of this Creator God, the crafters create art and craft. We pray God’s blessings on their hands as they bring beauty to life.
Cookies! The people of Gatlinburg First Baptist Church and its Missions Committee make 200 decorated bags of homemade cookies. We deliver them as another affirmation of the crafters and their work. This church cares about people!
Each Sunday of the show we offer a worship service for the crafters. These services provide an opportunity to celebrate God’s love and hear his Word for our lives in the midst of a busy time.
Each day of the show, we have two volunteers available to the crafters. Al and Jane Rahn of Georgia have come for six years as chaplains for the show. They booth sit for crafters to provide 30 minute breaks and to speak into the crafters lives. They are booked full all through the show!
As we receive these crafters into this setting and into our lives, we share the love of God and the salvation of Jesus Christ with them. This is truly a God blessed ministry done by so many volunteers.