As beautiful as the Easter Sunrise Service at Ober Gatlinburg was, so too were the campground worship services. I (Bill) led three services at Twin Creek RV Resort, Venture Out, and Outdoor Resorts of Gatlinburg. The first service brought two couples to the office porch. Their spirit and faith made for a wonderful time of sharing. The second service celebrated the start of a new season at Venture Out with a gathering of friends and the decorating of a cross with flowers of love and joy. The ORG service brought the beauty of home and of the Church in this place being made real once again. As I looked at the rows of this congregation, I was blessed by my friends. One such row held three couples: One couple I had the honor of hearing their professions of faith on an Easter Sunday years ago in that very room! Now they are active and mature Christians. Another couple I had the privilege of baptising in the river in Greenbrier! The third couple has been part of our journey with hospital visits and prayers for family. To worship with such Christians in all three campgrounds is the heart of God blessing SMRM and me.