SMRM has been in existence for 38 years with all 38 of those years having found a home in our beloved Camp Smoky. Hundreds of volunteers and staff have passed through this ministry building, and some return as staff for another year, as supportive house parents, or as encouraging visitors. No matter how much time has passed they always enter with the same comment– “Nothing has changed!”
   On Friday night the SMRM dorm brought in three generations of SMRM volunteers that once worshipped and learned in that same living space years before. The 2014 staff welcomed Sherry Cothran-Woolsey, a Methodist pastor and musician serving in Nashville, and her husband Patrick. Sherry served as a summer missionary in the 1980s but connected deeply with Tracy Hartman, the current house parent of  Virginia who is a professor at the Baptist Theological Seminary in Richmond who served on staff on the 1970s. One speaks through written teaching, the other through song, but both women are passionate about promoting the stories of courageous women in the Bible to in turn empower modern day women to have their own voices heard. These women are part of SMRM’s history but continue to shape the present and future of our organization through their insight and depth.