I have a smart phone.
I have unlimited data on my phone.
I keep all my numbers, schedules, music, and notes on my phone.
I have unlimited texting and data and still need more.
I can text blindfolded.
Who needs vowels?
I have different ringtones for all my friends.
What is a watch?
I called someone on a landline once in the last year.
What is a landline?
I know my grandmother’s landline number.

My Facebook friends number is greater than 400.
I Facebook all my groups daily.
I Facebook my friends when we are in the same room.
I play invitations and causes and tests on Facebook.
I have a Facebook group named after me.
Once upon a time, I emailed.

You can look me up in Wikipedia.
When you Google my name, the real me is on the first page.
I tweet.
I have my own website.
My You Tube videos are better than your You Tube videos.
I need earbuds.
IPod; IPhone; IPad!


Personal conversations are meaningful forms of communication.
I understand dialog –and like it.
I am not afraid to talk to people older than me or different from me.
I know how to communicate with my eyes and my body language.
I have written a paper thank you note and mailed it with a stamp recently.
I have a real friend who is not a Christian and with whom I visit personally,
in presence, every week.
I pray in person with a group of present friends on a regular basis.
To listen with my heart into what someone is saying gives me energy.
I practice active listening that goes beyond what the person is saying and into who they are.
I believe the incarnation of Christ reveals God’s way of love for us.
I like to reveal God’s presence active in people’s lives.
To share holy moments with someone is what it means to be on Christian.
I understand and practice incarnational ministries.
I am an on mission Christian.
I am real.