When the scriptures say that Jesus rose early in the morning to meet with God, I have to wonder if it was ever below freezing outside. If so, Jesus might have uttered a brief prayer and quick song from deep within where it was still warm. This weekend brought a stunning snowfall and frost in the higher elevations. A magnificent display of God’s creative work blanketed the mountains as the deep fall colors of the lower regions contrasted with the pristine white frost above.

Several guests from LeConte Lodge joined us in an extraordinary sunrise worship at Myrtle Point this past Sunday. We found encouragement in Psalm 30 as we read “… weeping may last through the night but joy comes in the morning.” For many of us, we were hurting, we were tired, we were cold. But to be sitting on the mountain point, high above the world bustling below, we experienced the joy of Lord- giving us reason to sing in thanks for His never ending goodness in our lives.