We live in interesting times. We always have, but every day is seems there is more pressure from the outside world. Things get wilder, things get weirder and for some, the pressure grows so much that a complete disillusionment may occur and color the judgment that the world is quickly running down the path of ruin. We may even ask ourselves “Where am I, Lord?” or better yet, “Where are YOU, Lord?”
And that is the primary goal of Smoky Mountain Resort Ministries – a chance to break from the stress of every colliding factor the world is throwing at you and return to your foundations with Jesus Christ. Resort missions is communicating the Gospel to people in a leisure lifestyle setting. The freedom of this ministry requires these focal points:
• People Over Programs
• Grace Over Law
• Urgency and Sensitivity
• Creativity
• Evangelism Over Entertainment
• Earning the Right to be Heard
• Relationships that Enable Hearing
• Initiative to Accomplish Purpose
• Excellence Over Adequacy
• Quality in Materials and Equipment
• Covenant Relationships with Volunteers
• Supervision as Ministry
• Enabling Others to Discover God’s Call
• Challenge Over Comfort
• Intentional Missions
• Risk

We offer a wide variety of services and getaway activities, including trips to Dollywood, White Water Rafting, Special Events such as the Fourth of July in Gatlinburg and much more – all of which are designed to replace the stress in one’s soul with the reminder of God’s true vision for life on Earth. Relax and rejoice.

If you or your family or group would like to talk business, please see our website at http://www.webonmission-com.webonmission.com/.

We welcome you to our ministry.