We ended orientation on June 2 with the sensitivity prayer exercise on the Parkway in Gatlinburg. The staff gathered at Bill and Cindy’s with her chocolate chip cookies for further inspiration. We then covenanted together for our 2010 Staff Promise:

O God Our Father,

We covenant with you now to help the world understand

To the visitors to whom I minister I give:
Love, attention, helping hands, the light of Jesus, hope, love as though they were family,
genuineness, authenticity, someone who cares for them in a strange place,
not just Jesus stories but the reason of the story: Jesus Christ

To the employees and locals to whom I minister I give:
Respect and excellent service, support and appreciation, prayers, a shoulder,
confidence that we will be there praying alongside them, learning who they are,
solely give myself as a servant,
a relationship

To those in service with me I give:
Respect, open mind, talents to use in service, love, trust,
knowledge, patience, honest friendship, compassion, love of Christ,
encouragement, hard work

To the Church I give:
Self to be used in every opportunity, prayers, respect, service,
dedication, servant heart, not to be selfish,
hands to serve and mouth that speaks what God says

To myself I give:
Openness, trust and faith in God, a chance for patience,
love, perseverance, self confidence,
time spent with God to grow, self discipline
a promise to let people in
time alone to worship and read so I can grow
open mind, open heart

To You, O Lord, I give:
Everything, my all, love and devotion, obedience, my fear
everything you want me to be with no complaint or question,
my fears and struggles, agape love, servant heart,
totality of my being
this ministry and praise no matter what happens