Gatlinburg Fires Update

Posted on Nov 30, 2016

Gatlinburg Fires Update

Update: Bill Black reports that his house (and the SMRM office) was NOT on the list of 37 homes destroyed in his neighborhood. He is hopeful. SMRM already has several volunteers on the ground along with our staff. Over the last 2 days they have been serving in the Evacuee Shelter and local command post. They welcomed evacuees who were tired and afraid to find the needed resources in the shelter. One of the volunteers ministered to children in the shelter over night by simply finding board games and giving them something to do with their hands and minds while everything else had been taken from them. 

Wednesday will mark a transition in our ministry. Many outside volunteers from the Red Cross are now serving at the shelter. Our volunteers and staff will be heading into the community to assist individuals, campgrounds and businesses as they assess their property and work to get back on their feet.

At the moment, no outside teams are needed. We will be assessing this need on a daily basis and letting volunteers know when it will be safe to come in and help.

The biggest need at the moment is financial donations. The Red Cross has secured lots of supplies. Please consider a donation to SMRM today to help us as we serve on the ground and respond to needs on a daily basis. You can give at We had some trouble yesterday from the Paypal side on our giving page. If you have trouble, please use another web browser or simply send a check to the SMRM post office box (yes, the Post Office in Gatlinburg survived). We could use gift cards – Visa, gas or generic.

Thank you again for your prayers. Today – pray for stamina for our volunteers; comfort for a community in grief; and safety for first responders as they search and serve throughout the community.


  1. Prayers from OHIO.
    My Heart and Soul are so very Sad for all losses in so many ways
    The deviation is so unbelievable, not only the effects from personal loss, but the loss of the Beauty of Nature and Wildlife of The Mountains!

    • Yes it is difficult to comprehend right now. Join us in praying for our community.

  2. was the Pancake Pantry on main st. in Gatlinburg burned and how about marshall’s creek rest motel and Park Condos on ski mtn road. will send a donation.

    • Dora
      Thank you for your comment and donation. I can’t tell you right now about all the locations you mentioned but hope that Bill or someone on site will be able to at some point.

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